Tarot 101 w the Antifragile Tarot
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Tarot 101 w the Antifragile Tarot

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My name is Susannah Goya-Pack, and I am Antifragile Tarot. I've been reading tarot for 17 years, professionally for 5. I explicitly look to apply tarot psychologically and with an emphasis on queering it up. 
This class is essentially a 101 level class but will be best appreciated by people who already own their own deck and have at least looked through it or done a few practice readings, or who have a basic familiarity with the deck structure and need to go deeper and put it all together. It will focus on RWS-based decks, not Thoth or Tarot de Marseille, and bringing your own deck is strongly encouraged, although there will be decks for sale at Cult Party. I can be contacted by email to discuss if your deck is appropriate at antifragiletarot@gmail.com if need be.
The first class will focus on an intro to tarot and an overview of the Major Arcana. The second class will be a review of the Minor Arcana. The third will be about putting them together and getting more comfortable doing readings, but we'll be reading from the very first class.

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