Rooted Zodiac / Theresa Cha Pisces Oil
The Rooted Zodiac

Rooted Zodiac / Theresa Cha Pisces Oil

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  • Oils: aloe and green tea 100% pure essential oil,  organic jojoba oil, organic coconut oil
  • Herbs: rose petals 
  • Uses: Use this multipurpose oil in your hair, on your skin, in a diffuser or in the bath.



Theresa Hak Kyung Cha (March 4, 1951 – November 5, 1982) was an American novelist, producer, director, and artist of South Korean origin, best known for her 1982 novel, Dictee. Cha was considered to be an avant-garde artist. Cha was fluent in Korean, English, and French. In her works, such as Dictee, Cha took language apart and experimented with it in her writing. Cha's interdisciplinary background was clearly evident in Dictee, which experiments with juxtaposition and hypertext of both print and visual media. In the body of Cha's art, language functions as fluid binary systems of contemporaneous displacement and reunification, repression and freedom, detachment and engagement, and the ineffable and communication. The main body of Cha's work is "looking for the roots of language before it is born on the tip of the tongue." Much of Cha's work demonstrates an interaction and interplay between languages with her primary focus on "grammatical structures of a language, syntax, how words and meaning are constructed in the language system itself, by function or usage, and how transformation is brought about through manipulation, processes as changing the syntax, isolation, removing from context, repetition, and reduction to minimal units."Since language unified Cha's aesthetic approach, establishing an intimate dialogue with the audience was a deliberate consideration in her art. 



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