House of Hag Byzantine Anointing Oil
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House of Hag Byzantine Anointing Oil

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This anointing oil is designed for
both conquest and calm.
The 1st in the Haus of Hag line of
bewitched  oil brews is called 
"Byzantine" because of it's complex
blend of 10 essential oils from all 4 
elements: Earth, Air, Water & Fire. 
The result is heady yet balancing. 

This oil is intended to fortify your 
resolve and calm your nerves as
it is charged further with Black 
Tourmaline which is known to 
harness negative energy, grounding it 
so it can be put to productive purpose.

The nourishing base of this oil
is comprised of: Fractionated
Coconut oil, Hemp seed oil,
Jojoba oil & Argan oil. 

All 4 of these luxurious oils
combine to give your body,

face and (if you have a beard) 
a soft touch and a smooth 
subtle sheen. These oils also
carry amazing skin benefits 
ranging from sensitive skin &
scarring to premature aging.

Keep calm & forge your empire
wearing Byzantine Anointing Oil.

Top notes: Orange and Rosemary
Heart notes: Ginger, Neroli,
Clary Sage and Mugwort
Base notes: Vetiver, Black 
Pepper, and Ylang Ylang

Please note there is a piece 
of Black Tourmaline inside of 
every 1oz amber bottle.

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