Holy soap
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Holy soap

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My Holy Soap is made with faith
and an Argan oil soap base.
It is designed to aid in aura cleansing,
purification, consecration & renewal.

Infused with Tea Tree, Wintergreen,
Lemon, Clary Sage, Gardenia.
Each of these elements have been
used for purifying & in initiation
magic for ages.

Argan oil is a precious plant oil got from
the nuts of Argan trees found only in
Morocco, North Africa. Argan oil has
been extracted since ancient times to be
used as a skin & hair moisturizer. With its
fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin A and
antioxidants, Argan oil is a fantastic balm
to erase signs of premature aging.
It can also be effective at healing minor
scarring from acne. All Argan sold today
comes from cooperatives operated by
Moroccan women, and the cooperatives
share profits among the local women of
the Berber tribe. The money goes toward
health care and education, as well as other
good works. For example: Argan oil profits
established an ecosystem reforestation
project so that Argan can be sourced
conscientiously and the supply
will not run out.

Wash your body with the
soap in the bath or shower
while praying or meditating
on your desired result.

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