Hause of Hag 7 Day Road Opener Candle
Haus of Hag

Hause of Hag 7 Day Road Opener Candle

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Road Opener is a powerful 
spiritual aid when trying to 
clear away remnants of the 
past that are preventing you 
from moving forward in your life. 
It is also great for elevating a new 
project or to keep new possibilities 
coming your way.

This conjure candle is cooked 
in the cauldron from scratch with 
beeswax and paraffin alongside
Orange, Geranium, Patchouli, 
Ginger, Mugwort and White Thyme 
essential oils used for centuries and
combined for a potent way to help 
open your life to new possibilities, 
paths and opportunities, clearing an 
inviting pathway for good luck, 
success, and happiness.

Hand carved with a Road Opener 
seal inspired by Lady Rhea author 
of The Enchanted Candle, with an 
embedded conjure key (to be worn 
or carried in your wallet post spell), 
an embedded piece of High John 
the Conqueror root and dressed with 
Dragon's Blood incense blend and 3 
drops of honey for offering. A Road 
Opening Mantra & image in print on 
the glass vessel complete this candle. 
Blessed Be.

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