Haus of Hag Van Van Anointing Oil
Haus of Hag

Haus of Hag Van Van Anointing Oil

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Van Van's deep roots in conjure are represented
here in this super charged Van Van Anointing Oil.

The nourishing base of this oil is comprised of:
Fractionated Coconut oil, Hemp seed oil, 
Jojoba oil & Argan oil. All 4 of these
luxurious oils combine to give your face, body, hair and
(if you have a beard) a soft touch and a smooth subtle sheen.
These oils also carry amazing skin benefits 
ranging from sensitive skin & scarring to
premature aging.

Van Van is a favorite Louisiana standard for:
banishing and clearing evil, purification, ritual
preparation, protection, meditation, turnaround
bad luck becomes best luck, poor investments 
turn into abundance, good luck in money, 
business, gambling, as a road opener 
AND for luck in love. The secret to this 
flexibility is the combination of Asian
grasses & other ingredients 
which go into Van Van.

Top notes: Lemongrass
and Citronella.
Heart notes: Ginger,
Verbena & Palmarosa.
Base notes: Vetiver
and Patchouli.

Lemongrass is ruled by Mercury so this is great
to wear during ANY Mercury retrograde!

Please note there are money drawing Pyrite
shavings inside of every 1oz green bottle.

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