Haus of Hag Protection Potion with Mojo bag
Haus of Hag

Haus of Hag Protection Potion with Mojo bag

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This Protection Potion is an intention based
blended oil designed to aid in releasing as well 
as repelling unwanted negative energy and to 
increase an uncrossing or hex breaking. 

It comes with a Mojo bag made to be paired 
with & fed by this Protection Potion, as you 
carry it with you during your affairs.

This oil is coconut based so it will do 
wonders for your hair and treat your 
skin with care when you wish to 
anoint yourself with it's intent.

Top notes are:
Lavender, Lemon
and Eucalyptus.
Heart notes are:
Rosemary, Clove
and Cinnamon. 
Base notes are:
Cedar Wood, Vetiver
and Black Pepper.
A piece of Black Tourmaline
sits inside the blue bottle
charging this potion.

The ingredients of the Mojo bag include:
Black Sea Salt, Crushed White Sage,
Mayan Copal, Frankincense, Myrrh,
Cedar and chunks of Black Tourmaline.

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