Haus of Hag Passion Potion with Mojo bag
Haus of Hag

Haus of Hag Passion Potion with Mojo bag

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This Passion Potion is an intention based
blended oil designed to aid in the art of
seduction, lust and sexual mojo with
a unisex approach. 

It comes with a Mojo bag made to be paired 
with & fed by this Passion Potion, as you 
carry it with you during your affairs.

This oil is Pomegranate & Jojoba based 
so it will do wonders for your hair and 
treat your skin with care when you wish 
to anoint yourself with it's intent.

Top notes are:
Orange, Rose
and Lemongrass.
Heart notes are:
Mugwort, Frangipani
and Cinnamon. 
Base notes are:
Ylang Ylang, Vanilla
and Patchouli.
Shards of Rose Quartz
sit inside this red bottle
charging the potion.

The ingredients of the Mojo bag include:
Pink Sea Salt, Raw Rose Quartz, Hibiscus,
Lavender, Whole Rose buds, White Copal
and raw Dragon's Blood Resin.

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