Dame Darcy Queen Alice Tarot Deck
Dame Darcy

Dame Darcy Queen Alice Tarot Deck

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Very Merry Unbirthday!
We're happy, excited, and proud to announce the ALL NEW Queen Alice Tarot has arrived, COMPLETE and now available to be shipped weekly in time for the Holidays!

Check out our new video!

Beautifully textured chess board box design with magnetic clasp, Cheshire Cat as magician on the inside of box with Black roses, silky cards with silver edge.

The Queen Alice cards are slightly shiner because the deck has a UV protective coating which was added to the Queen Alice Tarot in order to apply the bright silver edge, unlike Mermaid Gold Tarot which does not utilize the same manufacturing process and is different for the gold edge.
Alice comes in the same majestic box with magnet inside clasp.

Alice turns upside down on back of card for both reverse and upward meaning.

Template instructions included as a mini comic and link of how to print and assemble your own Tarot Meanings Instructions for a print out, DYI print out doll sized illustrated booklet.
An homage to the original children's book classic.

All original framed illustrations used in the design for cards, Alice prints , and Alice paintings are on sale with the coupon code ALICE. All proceeds go towards printing the next round of Queen Alice Tarot deck. 

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