Tarot 411: with Giaura Fenris
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Tarot 411: with Giaura Fenris

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Tarot 411:
with Giaura Fenris

Giaura, a dedicated tarot reader for over a decade, was exposed to the art by a highschool friend who was a 3rd generation Italian-American of Sicilian heritage. The former friend's mother and grandmother both read playing cards and candles for spiritual readings. And a close Puertoriccan friend to the friend’s mother would travel from Hoboken, NJ to bring “los muertos” to communicate with them during Congo sessions. The mother would help Giaura by dressing saint candles with ingredients from her Bosnia closet, and baños espirituales. Giaura had a deep desire to learn tarot at a young age, so she was persistent and immersed herself in the teachings of these women. She asked her friend at the time where she could get the cards. Her friend picked up a deck, the Rider Waite. Giaura graciously accepted the deck but with the charge of $20. So Giaura technically gifted herself her first deck. Since it’s usually a superstition that your first deck must be gifted. Giaura’s first reading was filled with clear visions. Once looking into one of her first client’s past she could see a car accident that lead to a family member’s death and a time when the client was incarcerated. From that point on her accuracy and skill has been feared and admired. She is definitely the “call girl” to your tarot 411!

Class 1: The Fool’s Journey.

A basic walk through of the Major Arcana. Through the eyes of the fool. The innocent wise student descending from the heavens ready for the trails of the earth plane school.

Detail of Celtic cross spread: 3 cards that begin with the signicator, covering the querent, and the obstacles covering the situation.

Class 2: Minor Arcana Part 1 explores through the suits of Wands and Swords.
Wands represented by the element of Fire is a walk through in taking initiative, action, and the creative force behind why we do what we do. Swords represented by the element of Air is a breeze through the effects of that our mental energy has on our daily routines, decisions, and choices. We would focus on the present circumstances in a Celtic cross spread to understand the resources we have, what we would like to achieve, where do we come from, and what is to come.

Class 3: Minor Arcana Part 2 explores the suits of Cups and Pentacles. Cups represented by the element of Water is the way through forces of our emotions impacting the vibrational matrix,
our relationships with ourselves and others, and the operations behind desire. Pentacles represented by the element of Earth is the material manifestation and result of our desires, decisions, and actions. It is the container and the plane of existence. The relationships between all matter for instance in the exchange of currency and energy. Also the digestion of food for fuel. Marriage falls under Pentacles through the material acquisition of what “mine is yours and yours is mine” bound by paper, ink, and measure of time. In the Celtic cross we will focus on the “future column,” which encompasses the concepts of our attitudes toward our life, our environment, hopes/wishes/fears, and the final outcome.

Class 4:
We will explore the court cards here how the human experience is represented within the suits its relationships with other cards in the deck. I will dissect identity through roles of the court. And how combinations of roles could help aid the querent see themselves in the cloth of the reading. We will be doing practice readings of the Celtic cross spreads. And I will share add-on spreads to my extended Celtic cross format.

Purpose: To open the door for my participants to explore the non-physical realm by building your intuitive muscles, willingness to awaken, and activate your dormant gifts (senses).

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