B.A + R.E Meditations
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B.A + R.E Meditations

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B.A+R.E. Meditation is a meditation series designed to empower, inspire, and activate self-love and healing for women. B.A+R.E. Meditation is designed to provide group treatment and hold space for women to Become Aware and Reclaim Energy. Improper use of energy and mental powers results in poverty, sickness, despair, depression, loss, and all the negative aspects of living. Proper self awareness and energy management is the key to being whole. Each meditation has a theme. The theme for this collaborative event is pussy power and womb wellness. 
What you can expect to experience at B.A+R.E Meditation event
> Meditation opens with you receiving a cool glass of herbal tea and metaphysical fragrance applied to your pulse points. These plant allies will support you in your guided mediation. (ingesting tea or applying fragrance is by choice)
> 40 minute meditation
> 5 minute Reiki share and group prayers
> 30 minute sharing circle 
About Me
My specialties are Spiritual Counseling, Mediumship & Energy (Etheric/Aura) Healing. I use a combination of Kemetic Womb Reiki & Usui Reiki for Pre- and Post-Natal mothers, Sacral Chakra healing, and adult victims of sexual trauma. The metaphysical healing methods I use are learned and channeled methods designed to clear+reset+activate+harmonize energy within the mind, spirit and etheric body. I currently walk-in readings at The Original Products Botanica and Aum Shanti Bookshop in NYC. To learn more about me and the services I provide please visit www.naturalcharmapothecary.com . 

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